Hot Water Bottle Covers

It’s mid summer in the UK and we had some very warm weather just recently. I had some yarn left over from my Black Forest blanket (see earlier blog post for details ) and decided to be unseasonable and make some hot water bottle covers to sell in my Etsy shop and on Best Handmade


My process for hot water bottle covers is quite straightforward. I use a great pattern from Sew Happy Creative

This involves crocheting a dozen granny squares to make into front and back panels for the body of the cover. I generally like to crochet plain granny squares for the back of the cover and multi colour ones for the front. I have a great time playing around with the different shades of yarn and choosing the main colour for joining.

Homemade yarn pegs are very useful…

Where possible I like to try to match the colours to the 2 litre hot water bottles.

When I have made my final colour choices I begin crocheting the squares. There are many patterns and tutorials available in books or online for crocheting a basic granny square.

I use my favourite Stylecraft Special DK and a 4mm crochet hook.

Then comes my least favourite part… sewing the ends in! I tried saying “Alexa… please sew in my ends…” but she ignored me!

Ends all sewn in

The above colour combination is one of my favourites and most requested. It’s Duck Egg, Cream and Mocha joined with Storm Blue.

I use the Continuous-join-as-you-go (CJAYG) method to crochet the squares together. Hooked by Robin has a great tutorial .

front panel
back panel

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my bee themed hook and needle minder are from Pedro’s Plaques

I crochet a placket on the front panel for attaching the buttons. Once this is done the two panels can be crocheted together leaving a gap for the neck. I use my own method for the neck, crocheting a rib stitch. Just a few more ends to weave in and attach the buttons, insert the hot water bottle and it’s good to go!

These make lovely gifts and are best sellers too, even in the warm weather. They can be filled with iced water and kept in the fridge to cool you down. Excellent hot or cold for pain relief too.

A selection from Christmas 2019

I have a couple for sale on Etsy


I like to change things up a little so the next one is a little different with the plain squares at the front and a different square for the back.


I hope you find this blog post interesting. I’m happy to answer any questions, just send me a message.

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