Missing Cornwall… Part 1

Under normal circumstances we would just be safely home from our usual annual holiday in Cornwall. We decided that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and that hospitality had only just started to re-open at the beginning of July, the sensible thing to do would be to stay at home.

We stay not far from Falmouth on the Fal Estuary. We love to visit our usual haunts and sample the wonderful local food and drink. Very sad to be missing all of it this year, but hopefully we’ll be back next year.

Our journey from home starts around 10am with a comfort break at Exeter Services. The excitement starts to mount once we reach Lifton and see “those trees” at Cookworthy Knap close to the Devon/Cornwall border.

Regular travellers to Cornwall regard them as the “nearly home trees”

Cookworthy Knap

Next stop is Jamaica Inn at Bolventor https://www.jamaicainn.co.uk/ for a visit to the gift shop and the farm shop stocked with all sorts of goodies! There is always time for a small tub of Gerry’s local ice cream https://www.gerrysoriginals.com/ before the last leg of our journey!

Spooky Jamaica Inn (credit to photographer)
View across Bodmin Moor to Rough Tor and Brown Willy, from Jamaica Inn

Once we have arrived at our destination we unpack, put the kettle on for a cup of tea and complimentary Cornish shortbread biscuit, and relax. Later there’s usually a stroll around the harbour and dinner at nearby Castaways wine bar. https://castawaysmylor.com/

Mylor Yacht Harbour

During the week we like to visit various places, the longest excursion is usually St Ives. We have found the most relaxing way to get there and avoid traffic, is to take the train. This involves a short drive to Truro Railway Station and then a pleasant train ride to St Erth, where we change for a lovely coastal ride to St Ives.

On arrival we sometimes have lunch at Pedn Olva Hotel, on the terrace. https://www.pednolva.co.uk/ where the views are spectacular! Once we are replete it’s off to explore the area and look for seals in the harbour.

St Ives Harbour
Sammy Seal in St Ives Harbour

After an afternoon of walking off our lunch and taking in the scenery we will have usually found our way to Porthmeor Beach. No trip to St Ives is complete without a visit to the Porthmeor Beach Cafe https://porthmeor-beach.co.uk/ and the lemon meringue pie is to die for!

Breathtaking St Ives courtesy of Cornish Drone
Tangy Lemon Meringue Pie at Porthmeor Beach Cafe

Of course, you have to keep a watchful eye out for Seagulls who are always scavenging in St Ives!

hmm… that pasty looks tasty…”

Once we’ve finished our afternoon tea, we’re off for a tour around the gift shops for souvenirs and treats to take home. We love Fudge Kyst in the harbour https://www.stives-cornwall.co.uk/shopping/fudge-kyst/

On the way back to the railway station we may have a glimpse of the Lifeboat, and then a stroll along to Lambeth Walk Beach where you can see some Rock Balancing art.

Even Lifeboats need a bath!
Lambeth Walk Beach Rock Balancing Art
Oh, and someone in St Ives has a great sense of humour!

After our train journey back to Truro railway station it’s a short car journey to our accommodation. If the weather is good we may be rewarded with a sunset over Restronguet Barton.

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